kingsmill model boat club:anniversary day



openday We are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year 2007-2017 all are welcome to join us in this celebration with various events held through out the day tug towing,steering/sailing courses,best boat in show award and our have a go boats will be available to hand for any one wishing to try there hand at sailing.

On Saturday The 2nd of September 10am till 4pm

As this is our anniversary year we are offering a years membership for only £10.
Just click here for a map of where to find us.
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This event has been sponsored by the following traders who have donated items for prizes and for raffle so why not show your appreciation and click on the links bellow to visit their sites
Nylet Nylet sailmakers and everthing you might need to build your yacht including all fittings,wires,screws,tubing,c.f. fin sets ect. sails made to order or standered patterns in stock, just contact Frank for that 1st class professional service
Hobbies for everything to do with hobbies from knitting to model building, quilting to r/c tanks you will find it all here and a first class service and a fast response from there freindly staff so why not give them a try Hobbies Hobbies
MacMouldings MacsMouldings for that finishing touch for your models from a scale crate to wellington boots from a net of fish to a seagal give martin a call for that 1st class service he always profides
The Prop-Shop the home for that special prop and shafts to give your models that real feel to the helm professionally made to order for non stocked items so give there website a visit or give there freindly staff a call

Permagrit Permagrit Tools the only sanding and cutting tools you will ever need to buy that outlast any thing else on the market click on the link and experiance there first class service
Deluxe Materials the one stop shop for all your glueing and special touches needs from there fast cyano glues to there rust affect treatments just click the link now for their fast and efficient service Deluxe Materials

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